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Sexuality and the Menopause – 5 Tips to Embrace The Change

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Audio Porn – 5 hot stories to set your ears alight!

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My Confession by Danielle

My Confession by Danielle

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Orgasm denial – 5 reasons why you need to try it.

Orgasm denial – 5 reasons why you need to try it.

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Beginners guide to E-stim and Electrosex

Beginners guide to E-stim and Electrosex

No question the expression Electrosex delivers up blended feelings. On the one hand, we have the time period sex—a amazing and very pleasurable activity. But on the other hand, we have the time period electro.

Sure, electro, as in energy.

Electrosex is all about applying electrical energy for satisfaction. It is a kinky activity that has its practitioners passing electrical currents by way of their genitals in get to induce an orgasm.
While the hair probably just stood up on the back again of your neck at the considered of that, hear me out.

What if I advised you that you could do it very safely and securely and that you can have some wonderful fingers-free orgasms making use of energy?

The Principles

When we are young, we’re taught that electricity is hazardous, and that is so real. But I am not speaking about plugging your junk into a wall-mounted socket offering mains voltages—perish the thought.

E-stim makes use of specialised items of tools to supply tiny, specific and pretty secure electrical currents by way of our bodies making use of electrodes put in precise regions.

When you consider about it, our bodies approach sensations and stimulation electrically. Our nerves pass details by using electrical impulses to the brain where by it is interpreted. So, we love sex electrically via our anxious process.

E-stim devices lets you send out pleasurable sensations immediately by nerves inside your genitals, and the brain interprets this as sexual stimulation, which potential customers to orgasm.

That in its purest variety is what e-stim is all about. Sexual enjoyment via nerve stimulation employing tiny currents of energy. Now you know the basics, let’s communicate security.


Like all practices, there are some security points to bear in thoughts. Some circumstances preclude e-stim exciting and games. Never do it if you have a heart affliction, this contains pacemakers or arrhythmia, also don’t do it if you are pregnant.

Constantly stim under the waist. As we are passing an electrical latest as a result of our overall body, it will stick to the route of least resistance, which is commonly a straight line. We really don’t want to move an electrical present as a result of our chest. As we never want to risk interfering with the heart’s electrical impulses.

That’s the frightening bit out of the way. So, what do we want to delight in an e-stim session?

Primary machines

To stimulate ourselves using e-stim, we have to create a circuit with our overall body for the current to go by means of our nerves.

We will need three pieces of machines. For starters, we have an e-stim management box.

This is the equipment that provides the electrical impulses that will circulation by way of our bodies. These are accessible for all budgets.

So, irrespective of whether you want to enjoy distant engage in around the web, discreet play at household or even on the move you can locate a suited control box for your fashion and budget.

The control box is the most pricey piece of products you will need.

Next, we require a cable to connect the control box to some electrodes. These cables appear in many lengths and with distinct styles of plugs on them to go well with distinctive manufacturers of control box.

Thirdly we have the electrodes, these are positioned on or inside of our overall body to allow the latest to pass by us and then back again down the cable to the command box to comprehensive the circuit.

Consider of the simple lightbulb electrical circuit we probably all discovered in school. A battery (e-stim control box), cables and a socket (the two electrodes) that has a lightbulb (our entire body) in it. E-stim is as very simple as that. It is the handle box and electrode placement that helps make the magic take place.


The 1st and most basic electrodes that I am heading to speak about is the humble self-adhesive monopole electrode.

Monopole only indicates one particular pole or relationship, so you will need two monopole electrodes on your body to make it possible for the present to stream into and then out of you.

These electrodes are like those a doctor would use throughout an Electrocardiograph. They are cheap and incredibly adaptable in phrases of exactly where you use them. You just stick them to your human body and connect to a cable from your command box.

One more well-known type of monopole electrode is a conductive rubber loop. These are usually put all-around a penis, or the penis and testicles and a cable is plugged into a single finish. All over again, they are flexible in terms of wherever you use them, and you can use one of these and a pad.

A loop of conductive rubber can also be inserted in the vagina or anus to transmit the present internally to good impact.

Bi-polar electrodes, as their name implies, are electrodes with two call surfaces. As they choose two plugs, you only have to have a person of this variety of electrode to make a circuit.
These are generally insertable electrodes that can be placed inside the vagina or anus. Imagine of a butt plug with two speak to surfaces, and you will not go considerably mistaken.

As energy constantly takes the route of minimum resistance, we put our electrodes so that the present flows through nerve clusters in our genitals. For vagina entrepreneurs we goal the clitoris, g-spot and perineal nerves. Penis entrepreneurs have a tendency to concentrate on the dorsal and perineal nerves as nicely as their prostate.

Shockingly fantastic enjoyable

So, your manage box is related to two contacts on or in your entire body, and you are now ready to swap it on. No doubt the thoughts at the forefront of your mind would be:

Will it damage?
What does e-stim fun experience like?

Nicely, to response your initial dilemma, no, it doesn’t damage except if you want it to. This prospects me on to the 2nd question.

When you use an e-stim present-day by means of your system at low concentrations, it feels like the hairs standing up on your pores and skin. As you raise the electrical power amounts it then starts off to experience a little bit like very pleasurable pins and needles.

Continue to elevate the electric power, and you will sense muscle mass contractions and extra pronounced sensations. Whack the electricity suitable up, and it can sense like cramps.

Most people adhere to the reduce degrees for enjoyment participate in. Certainly, when utilizing a bipolar electrode inside of my vagina, I get the emotion of getting ‘Ghost Fucked’.

This is the place it feels like I am getting fucked even even though I know I am not. On larger levels, my kegel muscle groups tighten and chill out, creating the electrode to transfer a little bit, and this feels remarkable.

Guys usually enjoy using insertable electrodes anally, and these can directly stimulate their prostates for some very arousing effects.


E-stim is a excellent way to masturbate, and it can be harmless and extremely pleasurable. A arms-cost-free orgasm feels incredible, and I can love e-stim sessions that previous hrs offering me orgasm after orgasm.

When you get more than any nervousness at the believed of putting electrical pulses by your sensitive bits, you can commence to experiment with electrode positions and explore this great exercise.

I am hooked on it and even structure my possess electrodes so that I can tailor the experience to my requirements.

E-Stim is turning into additional and much more mainstream these days with main companies incorporating e-stim tech into vibrators to give them an added characteristic. Vibrators this kind of as the Scorching Simon use vibrations and e-stim sensations to complement just about every other to excellent effect.

These vibrators can be entertaining, but it is with standard electrodes and a made-for-enjoy manage box that you can really discover just how pleasurable e-stim can be.

Anyone fascinated in obtaining more about this intriguing way to get off or hunting for an electrode posture guide must check out my website tutorial for additional info.

By Joanne

Joanne hosts a internet site called Sex Device Reviews She blogs about sex guidance and sex toys and has sexual journey has been a prolonged just one. Her passions consist of sex devices, electrosex and BDSM actions

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How porn can enrich your sex life, solo or with a partner

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Medieval sex, what was sex really like In the Middle Ages?

Medieval sex, what was sex really like In the Middle Ages?

If someone says the words “sex history”, the Middle Ages probably aren’t the first thing that springs to mind. The term usually conjures up the old myth about Victorians inventing vibrators to masturbate hysterical women or images of Masters and Johnson finally applying a “scientific” approach to sexuality. After all, how can the overtly religious and misogynist world of the medieval period produce a sexual culture? And even if it did, what does it have to tell us in our progressive sex-positive society a thousand years later?

The simple answers to these questions are: “pretty easily” and “a lot”, respectively.

To learn from this we first need to unpack what a “religious” society is and how that impacts concepts of sexuality within it. Europe in the Middle Ages was absolutely a religious place. In some ways we can actually define the medieval period as the time after the fall of Rome and before Protestants became a thing.

In other words, for something to be medieval, that means it was happening at a time when the Church more or less dominated the cultural landscape. Jewish people were certainly present in Europe at the time. Muslims were very much a part of say Sicilian on Iberian culture, but the great majority of medieval Europeans were Christian.

The balance of sex with religion

This is notable because, famously, Christians are pretty down on sex. But that doesn’t actually mean that much. Even now, here in the UK, the majority of people (60%) still call themselves religious. As you may have noticed all of that praying doesn’t seem to stop sex from actually happening. The same thing was true in the medieval period. Sure, people wanted to stay on God’s good side, but they also agreed that sex was pretty fun. So, what’s a God-fearing horny person to do?

One obvious workaround was to get married. For Christian thinkers virginity was the highest state of being, but if you were interested in having sex, then, as 1 Corinthians 7:9 put it, “It is better to marry than to burn with passion.” The married sex thing had a hitch though, as a Frankish church council reminded the faithful in 829, “Carnal connection with wives must take place for the sake of offspring, not pleasure”.[1]

In other words, you might really want to have sex with your spouse, but if you did you had to ensure that it was likely the sex would result in pregnancy. This meant that married couples were meant to avoid sex while the woman was pregnant, breastfeeding, or of course menstruating.

So far, so dull, right? This doesn’t differ that much from what is taught today in any religious school, or any abstinence-only “education” course in America. A major difference, however, is that for the medieval period in order to have the best possible chance of procreating you had to ensure that women orgasmed during sex.

The need for good sex and orgasms

The reason for this thinking was scientific. If men released their seed as a result of orgasm (which is not actually necessarily true, but hey), then it followed that women released their eggs the same way. If you wanted a baby, you had better get to making with the good sex then.

Even aside from its theoretical link to pregnancy, the idea of pleasurable sex was explicitly written into marriage as well. In Iceland, for example, where divorce was permissible, Njal’s Sagapresents us with the story of the unfortunate Unn who wished to leave her husband Hrut Herjolfsson, and justified this decision to her father because “[h]e is not able to have sexual intercourse so that I may enjoy him”.[2]

The idea that in marriage you had to provide your spouse with good sex if they wanted it was common even outside of Iceland, though. The was codified into an actual religious principle called the “conjugal” or “marital debt”, which held that within a marriage a partner had the right to have sex with their partner under reasonable circumstances.

The “reasonable” dictate here also is key, because it meant that women, in particular, were disadvantaged in this exchange. It would be “unreasonable” and even dangerous for a woman to request sex while she was having her period, for example. Not only would she be unable to get pregnant, but medieval thinkers also cautioned men to avoid menstrual fluid for fear that their “whole body will be infected and greatly weakened, … [by] a menstruating woman, because from this foulness the air is corrupted, and the insides of a man are brought to disorder.”[3]Nice.

The marital debt

Women were also cautioned that there would be times when men would simply be “unable” to pay the marital debt. It was, therefore, their job to be aware of any signs that indicated their husband might be indisposed to sex when asked.

While this seems all very medieval emotional labour, you’ll be happy to know that this went both ways. Men were supposed to be on alert to signals from their wives that said they were ready to get down. Saint and Church philosopher supreme Thomas Aquinas advised that “the husband, because he has the more noble part in the conjugal act, is naturally more disposed than his wife not to be ashamed to ask for the debt.”[4]In other words, because men were considered to be more “active” during sex and women more “passive”, men were also more active in terms of asking for sex than were women. The idea was that men asked, and women signalled for sex. So married men had better get good at body language.

In Jewish marriages, meanwhile, this right to pleasure was also present, but crucially only for women an idea called “onah”. Jewish women, unlike Christian women, also had the marked advantage that they didn’t have to have a “reasonable” reason to want sex. A married woman could request sex from her husband even if she was pregnant or had undergone menopause.

The greater sexual license for Jewish women seems to have stemmed from a desire to keep women from cheating on their husbands. If a woman was granted sexual licence within her marriage, so the thinking went, she wouldn’t have occasion to stray.

Of course, all of these perfectly acceptable (if highly regulated) sexual activities were just what people were supposed to be doing. As anyone who ever attended a Catholic high school can tell you that doesn’t count for very much. Medieval people, much like people today, were as into getting it on as anyone else. If God didn’t like it, well, they could repent

Virginity at marriage, or maybe not?

As a result, medieval people didn’t have a huge expectation of virginity at marriage, no matter what the Church felt about it. In rich circles, there was more of a preoccupation with women being virgins at the time of marriage, but this didn’t have to do with a worry about chastity as a holy good. Virgins were just a bigger draw when negotiating marriage contracts. If you wanted to connect two great houses, it helped to prove that the woman you were putting into the deal couldn’t be pregnant. For everyone else, virginity was less of a thing.

When I say, “everyone else” I mean, of course, “the vast majority of people”. We estimate that around 85% of the population of medieval Europe were peasants. On top of that, you have merchants, sailors, all the sundry occupations that meant you worked for a living. In this case, about 90% of people just weren’t all that fussed about making sure they were “pure” for marriage, and boy did they make that clear.

Popular medieval writing, AKA the stuff that regular people liked, is full of stories that hinge on young unmarried people getting it on, and in some detail. One English fifteenth-century poem “A Servant-Girl’s Holiday” talks frankly about how a young woman is looking forward to having sex on her day off, saying:

Jack will pay for my share
On Sunday at the ale-fest;

Soon he will take me by the hand
And he will lay me on the ground
So that my buttocks are in the dirt
Upon this high holiday.
In he thrust and out he drew[5]

The poor maid in question eventually has her fun spoiled by an unplanned pregnancy, but the savvy medieval girl had ways of getting around that, and the poets documenting it had some great euphemisms. To wit, fifteenth-century poet Oswalf von Wolkenstein tells us a romantic tale at the climax of which:

The young maiden gently let him
pour into her mouth
the Saint John’s drink of love[6]

Yes, that means what you think it means.

Both these poems give us a glimpse into an underlying truth about sex before marriage for medieval people: there was a worry about pregnancy outside of wedlock. For this reason, in general women having sex before marriage faced greater social stigma than men did. (Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.) If a woman became pregnant before marriage, she was kissing goodbye her potential marriageability, whereas men had a lot more room to manoeuvre, and they were happy to use it.

A focus on sexual fulfilment

Medieval men were more than happy to get sex where they could find it, and if they weren’t worried about sex outside of marriage, they were also pretty unworried about having sex inside someone else’s. That concern in Jewish marriages that women might stray if sexually unfulfilled? It was common among Christians too. In fact, the idea that bored wives would be happy to jump into bed with another guy was common enough that it was a literary trope.

Several Canterbury tales hinge on the idea of men seducing married women, for example. In the “Merchant’s Tale” a young wife has sex with her lover in a pear tree while her blind, elderly husband sits below. In the “Miller’s Tale” a wife cheats on her husband with the couple’s lodger through an elaborate ploy involving convincing him that a flood was imminent. (It’s complicated.) The “Reeve’s Tale” is a two-for when two young clerks manage to have sex with a miller’s wife and daughter after he cheats them.

But say our young men can’t find a likely serving girl or married woman to have sex with. What was a boy to do? According to the foremost religious thinkers at the time, the answer was to find a sex worker.

Society’s view of sex workers

That might be surprising news, but medieval people agreed that sex workers were absolutely necessary in order to keep society peaceful. The thinking went something like this: men, in terms of humoural theory were by temperament hot and dry, in opposition to women who were cold and wet. During sex, the release of semen helped to drain off some of that heat, and contact with the theoretically cold body of women cooled men down. (So much so that some warned against having too much sex with women lest a man became too cold and died.)

If a man didn’t have the opportunity to let off some of that heat he might, then, become violent. A violent man was bad enough in a small community. In cities, the worry was that it could mean mass violence and rioting.

St Thomas Aquinas and virtually all medieval theologians were in agreement that the solution to this was for unmarried men to periodically see sex workers, who he charmingly referred to as “like the cesspool in the palace. Take away the cesspool and the palace will become an unclean and evil-smelling place.” In other words, maybe sex work wasn’t big on his list of things, but it was absolutely necessary in order to make sure that a bunch of horny guys didn’t burn the joint down.

The sex workers were also seen as a sort of stop-gap that preserved the chastity of all those wives and unmarried young women that would otherwise be the focus of young men’s affections. After all, boys will be boys so you had better build a bulwark of disposable women to prevent them from perverting decent society.

As all of this evidence makes clear, medieval people were what we historians refer to as “extremely horny”. If we can read about the ways they try to organise their society to accommodate sex, their sexual habits, and even their sexual fantasies hundreds of years after the fact, it means that medieval people were DTF. If this is what has survived for centuries think of all the sexual literature we have lost between now and then.

So OK medieval people liked sex. What does that mean for us?

First of all, it’s a helpful reminder that when you hear people make heart-felt please that we return to a Godly society where women submit to their husbands’ will and sex only happens inside the bonds of loving marriage, that no such time period ever existed. The Middle Ages were an intensely religious time period and that stopped precisely five people from having sex before marriage. There were certainly reasons for people, and women in particular, to weigh up whether premarital sex was too much of a gamble to participate in. The worry of pregnancy was generally more of deterrent for women than a nebulous idea that they must remain holy and chaste, though.

Even if medieval people were happily married, that doesn’t mean that they were strictly monogamous either. In fact, sometimes people had sex in marriage specifically to stop women from going out to find sex somewhere else.

The medieval preoccupation with wives cheating and wanting sex is another big red flag when we consider the tradwife brigade. The idea that “traditionally” woman sat at home and were the passive breeding receptacles for men has no historical basis. Medieval people were more likely to think that married women were actively looking to shag the next cute young thing that wandered by than they were to stay at home and knit.

The obligation of pleasure

Medieval people were also arguably more concerned than basic men now are about women enjoying themselves during sex. Sure, sex was supposed to be about getting someone pregnant, but there was fun that could and needed to be had along the way. Within marriage, pleasure was something that someone’s spouse was obliged to consider and deliver. Without pleasure, many medieval people thought pregnancy just wouldn’t happen.

Medieval people also had a much more enlightened, if not unproblematic, relationship to sex work than we do now. Was it their favourite thing? I mean apart form the sex buyers … not so much. However, they recognised it as a part of everyday life, and sex workers weren’t criminalised. If you were a sex worker, you were a recognised part of society and wouldn’t be arrested just for doing your job. We could all learn something from this.

While these takeaways are pleasant, there are a lot of medieval conceptions about sex that we are still struggling against today. In particular, you’ll have noticed that there are rather a lot of unpleasant gender stereotypes within medieval conceptions of sexuality. Women, although they enjoy sex, are to be understood as passive and unable to articulate their desire. This means that “active” and virile men are meant to read and pursue women in order to achieve sex. This has the double effect of putting all the onus for initiating sex on men, while also casting women who are vocal about their desire for sex as unfeminine or unnatural. Sound familiar?

Further, while the idea that pleasure should be considered during sex is overall great, linking that specifically to orgasm is dangerous. Firstly, the idea that pregnancy can only occur as a result of orgasm makes it really easy for men to refute accusations of rape if their victim is pregnant. Lest you think that is just a medieval throwback, might I remind you of the case of the American Senatorial candidate who insisted that abortion was unnecessary for rape victims because “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Similarly, the idea that we owe each other sexual pleasure within marriage is a large part of the reason why we have only recently begun to criminalise marital rape.

Another big issue is the idea that pleasure and orgasm are synonymous within sex, is that it puts way too much pressure on all of us. It’s important to remember that people have sex for a lot of different reasons and it’s perfectly possible that someone might enjoy sex without orgasming.

At the same time, all the medieval emphasis on sex leading to pregnancy makes the case that sex necessarily means penis in vagina sex. If sex is only legitimate if someone can get pregnant, that discounts all the other sex that people could be having and enjoying as not real. We’ve inherited this idea, and that makes it hard for people who aren’t that fussed about PIV to ask for what they want because they feel like they should be having “normal” sex. It excludes many queer and disabled folks from having sex that we think of as “real” and acceptable.

The medieval approach to sex work also has some seriously bad ideas about sex workers that our society still upholds. Sex workers are not, in fact, a sort of sponge that soaks up the worst and most violent men in order to protect “decent” women and society. This particularly ugly trope pops up pretty much every time a terrible incel with a gun kills a bunch of people in North America. Saying that men like this should “just see a sex worker” means explicitly putting sex workers in harm’s way to protect others.

All of this shows us why sex history matters. First, it gives us a way to push back against bad societal messaging. Second, it gives us an opportunity to hold a mirror up to our worst ideas about sex and change them for the better. If we ignore medieval history, we can’t do this, so let’s not.

[1]Monumenta germaniae historica, Legum, Vol. 1, ed. Geroge Heinrich Pertz (Hanover: Hahn, 1835), p. 345.

[2]Njals Saga, 6-7, in, Complete Sagas of Icelanders, vol. 3, ed. Viðar Hreinsson (Reykjavík: Leifur Erikisson, 1997), p. 9.

[3]Helen Rodnit Lemay, Women’s Secrets(Albany: SUNY Press, 1992), pp. 88-89.

[4]Burndage, Law Sex and Christian Society, pg. 69.

[5]Quoted in Ruth Mazzo Karras, Sexuality in Medieval Europe: Doing unto Others(London and New York: Routledge, 2017), p. 134

[6]Quoted in Rasma Lazda-Cazers, “Oral Sex in Oswald von Wolkenstein’s ‘Es Susst dort her von orieent’ (Kl. 20),” in Sexuality in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times: New Approaches to a Fundamental Cultural-Historical and Literary-Anthropological Theme, ed. Albrecht Classen (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2008), p. 598.


Eleanor Janega

Eleanor Janega is a medieval historian specialising in social history with an emphasis on sex, cities, and apocalyptic thought. She teaches at the London School of Economics, and blogs at Her first popular medieval history, The Middle Ages: A Graphic History, will be out with Icon Press next year.

My Boyfriend Must Wear A Cock Cage

My Boyfriend Must Wear A Cock Cage

My boyfriend is exceptionally defiant and so he should do as I say at all times but from time to time he sways off keep track of and I should preserve him in line. When he’s terrible we set his cock within of a cock cage and he ought to keep on being with his cock in there until finally I say it can be introduced and employed as I see healthy.

Being inside of the cock cage drives my boyfriend wild, it is a really like-hate marriage. He loves it when I make him post and lock himself in but he also hates it since he can not do anything with his boner and he can be punished for currently being too turned on.

We begun utilizing a cock cage about a yr back, my boyfriend told me he desired to enjoy the submissive role and knowing my boyfriend as effectively as I do I observed that making use of a cock cage was going to be that one matter that drove him wild and can make him post to me.

We bought this cock cage (The highest-rated we could obtain):

1576950520 81 My Boyfriend Must Wear A Cock Cage - My Boyfriend Must Wear A Cock Cage

The detail we enjoy most about this cock cage is the truth that you can have on it for prolonged periods of time with any pain. It is suitable for these who love constriction but also the independence to pee and use the cock cage for hrs, times or even months at a time.

It will come with anything so that you can love a tailored suit to your penis and it even comes with very clear plastic locks so that you can be discreet in community.

It’s an perfect cock cage for those people new to chastity perform and even for these who are just searching for a thing with a little a lot more comfortability throughout very long periods of chastity engage in.

There are masses of opinions on this cock cage from other folks and if you want to examine any of these cock cage reviews just go below.

How We Use This Cock Cage (Our Sex Story)

1576950520 827 My Boyfriend Must Wear A Cock Cage - My Boyfriend Must Wear A Cock Cage

When I want my boyfriend to post I make him slip his cock inside of the cage, (the trick for us is he shouldn’t ‘want’ to be in, there’s no selection in this) the moment it is in and he’s comfortable I get ahold of the padlock and safe the cage in put. He is now underneath my complete submission and must do as I say at all occasions.

After he’s in I at times like to tease him, licking the cage, teasing his cock by the open up gap of the cock cage and just normally making his cock tremble and twitch for me but he is not authorized of there out till I say.

I like to wander all around the home in my preferred lingerie, teasing him within the cage. If I definitely want to idea him in excess of the edge, I question him to stick to me and he must watch me as I masturbate and get myself off, wholly ignoring him. His cock is normally straining at the cage, begging to be unveiled. After he has watched me get off I like to lick the cage at the time again and lick off the little little bit of pre-cum that has dripped from the hole.

Do I At any time Permit Him Out?

It can be hours and several hours ahead of I finally feel he is worthy of becoming launched. This is several hours of me teasing him with my tongue by way of the small gap, kissing his neck, exhibiting off my human body and even masturbating in front of him and not letting him get concerned.

By the end of this, his cock is always straining and he is constantly virtually begging me to launch him. I enjoy how his cock appears to be like when it’s straining to be released from the cock cage and I know it’s a little something he enjoys too, in truth, it’s what one particular his major motives for picking to wear a cock cage (he enjoys the distinct elements so that we equally can see exactly what his cock is up far too).

As soon as I at last imagine he’s ready, I consider off the cage gradually, pretending I just cannot get the lock unlocked, little by little I take out the cock cage and his cock is often throbbing, determined for some focus of its personal. I take it slowly into my hand ahead of gently slipping it within of myself and allowing him have his way with me. My boyfriend generally comes within just seconds, all of the establish-ups pushes him to the edge but it’s so hot and I always rely it as a task perfectly-accomplished if he is so completely ready to cum inside of of me.

Top Guidelines For Working with A Cock Cage

  • Make certain you know what you’re carrying out, play with your cock cage, master how it will work for you.
  • Learn what you like, it may be that you take pleasure in only a little little bit of chastity for short durations of time or it could mean that you take pleasure in extended periods, it is all just a case of screening it out and viewing what performs for you.
  • Be certain you cleanse it and air it out immediately after each use.
  • Applying the cock cage on your have is also anything a large amount of men do. When you lock the cock cage just always make confident you know the place the critical is ????

Punishments To Use When Sporting The Cock Cage

I really like supplying him punishments when he’s putting on his little cock cage and this is the variety of punishments I hand out:

  • Make him BEG you to cum, really do not permit him out just because he seriously, truly needs to cum. He has to beg mainly because he practically can’t stand it any extended.
  • Make him satisfaction you with his tongue, fingers or a sex toy.
  • Make him edge himself, acquiring himself to the level of orgasm without having essentially at any time cumming.
  • Enable him out of his cage but make him continue to be erect, if he goes even a little bit soft he need to go back in once again.
  • Have him thank you for disciplining him.
  • Enable him out a person time and notify him he has a moment cum, if he doesn’t do it he is likely back in quickly.
  • Remember you are often in charge.
1576950520 643 My Boyfriend Must Wear A Cock Cage - My Boyfriend Must Wear A Cock Cage
Hope you loved my tale
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Experimenting With My Glass Dildo

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My New Rabbit Vibrator Made Me Squirt

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My boyfriend and I just got a realistic sex doll

My boyfriend and I just got a realistic sex doll

My boyfriend and I are incredibly kinky, we have been to numerous sex get-togethers, we have experienced threesomes, team sex, anal and just about anything at all you can believe of we have most likely…

A Night Playing Sex Games With My Friends

A Night Playing Sex Games With My Friends

I hope you take pleasure in my tale – Amber

Most people play card games, drinking games, video games and even old-fashioned games like eye spy but not me and my group of friends.

My friends and I are different and games night doesn’t just mean getting rowdy over a game of cards, it means a lot of fun. We all gather at one of our places and we play some raunchy sex games. I know that seems most likely a little odd to some of you but it’s just what we do and have confidence in me when I say it is so fucking hot and the highlight of our month.

We are very a large team, most of us with associates, a mixture of adult males and girls who just all come about to like the very same sorts of online games. We get together once a month, we opt for the date that suits us all greatest through our Whatsapp group, we all provide a bottle of some thing, some snacks and the bash starts, it seems rather standard, proper?

Very well, enable me inform you particularly what online games we engage in.

These are the sex cards we use

1576788223 648 A Night Playing Sex Games With My Friends - A Night Playing Sex Games With My Friends

I simply cannot try to remember now who even initially purchased this sex card activity but boy have they been employed to their complete potential. The cards each have a distinctive sex place, we spin a bottle and the two men and women it lands on should execute this placement, you can skip at the time but only after or you are punished by the team.

You can complete this place thoroughly clothed or naked and you can also seduce the man or woman you are paired with prior to obtaining to the position, so very long as the full team can view. We also have a rule wherever you have to continue to be in this placement for 60 seconds, applying that time even so you want.

We also use this trio of sex dice, we roll them into the middle of the circle taking turns employing them and then spinning a bottle, just like with the sex playing cards to pick out who you use the dice with. The dice have countless choices and they will either explain to you anything romantic or one thing naughty to do to your picked partner. The dice notify you exactly where, how and what to do to their human body.

The 1st Time We Played Sex Online games As A Team

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We experienced been ingesting, rather a great deal really. It was the weekend of the 4th of July and we all experienced nowhere far better to be than at an air BnB on the seashore. It was these a enjoyable weekend up to that level, we experienced spent the previous handful of days in bikinis and swimming shorts, partners were being pleased and even the singles amongst us ended up content.

One thing that we all experienced in prevalent that weekend was that we were being all extremely sexy. The drink mixed with the stress-free ambiance was driving us all wild in the bed room and the couples among us just could not preserve their arms off on a person a further and seeing that was earning the singles even hornier and desperate for some motion.

I really don’t don’t forget who but one particular evening anyone developed the pack of cards and requested if anyone was daring enough to enjoy, we all sat in a circle, making use of an aged beer bottle to use as a spinner and we commenced to enjoy. It was all just a joke at initially, we all realized how attractive anyone was so it experienced turned into a bit of a joke. The first few spins absolutely everyone remained clothed, well in bikinis and pool shorts, the sex positions had been carried out and every person cheered and laughed but there was something in the air, all people desired it to go a little bit further more.

The bottle span once again and we all viewed as two of the singles took to the circle and performed the sex place but this time she eliminated her bikini prime and his boner was entirely visible. No person claimed anything, we were all just sexy.

Their 60 seconds was up but they did not quit and started building out, we all viewed on. Someone span the bottle again, leaving them equally earning out with engaging passion. It landed on a pair who took to the middle of the circle, they peered spherical at us before she eliminated her bikini bottoms and he slipped out his thick erect cock and slid it into her. My mouth was extensive open and my very own pussy was dripping wet. None of us mentioned just about anything as we viewed in jealousy and lust. The couple began to giggle, breaking us all from our trance. We all knew then that the sport now had a new indicating, we all experienced to action to the mark and truly perform the sex positions no make a difference who the bottle picked.

The Night time Turned Into An Orgy

1576788223 44 A Night Playing Sex Games With My Friends - A Night Playing Sex Games With My Friends

The bottle span all over again and yet again and all of us had to phase up to the circle and do what we desired to do. The thrill made my tummy flip with exhilaration, looking at my buddies fuck and being fucked by my close friends was like remaining inside of just one of my naughty dreams.

One of my friend’s boyfriends landed a person of his bottles spins on me and I was so energized, he is gorgeous and we constantly make jokes about how sexy he is and now I received to experience his cock inside of of me if he preferred it. We met in the center of the horny circle and commenced taking away our swimwear, our sex posture was the missionary position and emotion his cock filling me up manufactured me moan. His girlfriend pinched at her nipples and I could see a wet patch amongst my other friend’s legs.

He fucked me so well, my friend was so blessed to have him each individual night time. At the time our 60 seconds were being up he didn’t prevent, he held on fucking me. His girlfriend leant down to me and commenced making out with me, my brain was racing.

Every person was producing out and still spinning the bottle and finding up the card they experienced to play, absolutely everyone truly fucked and absolutely everyone received to try out one thing diverse. There was no jealousy, just pure, erotic fucking.

When we all acquired house just after that weekend we vowed to do it again as soon as a thirty day period arrive rain or shine, we all cherished it also considerably. We are continue to a regular good friend team we just fuck and enjoy sex games with playing cards and dice.

1576788223 937 A Night Playing Sex Games With My Friends - A Night Playing Sex Games With My Friends
Amber xx
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I Was The Center Of A Bukkake (What It Was Like)

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I Let My Boyfriend Give Me A Throatpie

I Let My Boyfriend Give Me A Throatpie

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What it’s like being a real hotwife

What it’s like being a real hotwife

Permit me introduce myself, I am a woman in my late 30’s, I have been married for 8 years and I am a self-proclaimed hotwife.

I never assumed I was the kind to be a ‘hotwife’, I normally assumed these varieties of gals have been tremendous self-confident and completely specific in their qualities in the bedroom.

It turns out if you are open to it and delighted to do it in your romance, any individual can do it and it has made me sense like a new girl. I adore staying a hotwife, understanding all of these males lust just after me and knowing my husband gets off on it is the icing on the cake.

First Time Encounter Remaining A Hotwife

1576690842 969 What it’s like being a real hotwife - What it’s like being a real hotwife

My partner and I had gone to meal at our mutual friend’s house, he is a solitary male in his late 40’s who had often retained up with the youth all over him. With a sturdy athletic physique, dreamy eyes and darkish hair commencing to lighten with age, I experienced usually experienced the hots for him but I in no way envisioned this to transpire.

He made us a typical spaghetti bolognese, it was prosperous and delightful. The drinks were being flowing and the discussion was gentle and bubbly, my partner bought up to use the restroom just after our food and our mutual mate told me that I appeared stunning in the costume I was wearing. I was taken aback but I was smitten by this compliment, he was a superior looking gentleman and I felt like I had butterflies.

He smiled at me seductively and I blushed, my spouse returned and set his arm close to me. We ongoing chatting for pretty sometime in advance of the conversation turned a little sexual. We introduced up likes and dislikes in the bedroom and about some of our most loved sexual ordeals, all of this converse was turning me on and I knew my partner was turned on far too by the erection visible via his pants.

Our sexual dialogue lasted a although, our mutual close friend introduced up the issue of threesomes and I jokingly inquired about us a few possessing a threesome and instructed them both that it would probably be fairly entertaining.

They both looked at me huge-eyed and equally of them smiled, my spouse requested me if I needed to get to know our mutual friend a little greater on my have in his bedroom. I appeared at him stunned but I was so horny and so interested in staying a hotwife that I took up his supply.

I walked into our mutual friend’s bed room foremost the way, our mutual good friend adopted driving me, shutting the door and turning on a small lamp following to the bed.

We commenced creating out promptly, his fingers were being all above my physique. It was this kind of a hurry to be performing this recognizing my spouse was just about suitable exterior the doorway. He lifted up my dress and commenced participating in with my pussy, I was in heaven, it was sending shockwaves of enjoyment via me. I had to keep opening my eyes to remind myself this was not another one of my filthy dreams.

He rapidly unbuttoned his pants and slid his thick cock inside of of me, I groaned, I didn’t want to make also substantially noise in case my husband acquired jealous. He thrust inside of me, pinching at my nipples and sensation my complete human body as he did so. The sex was tough, uncooked and passionate, he breathed intensely as he fucked me and after a brief time he started to cum.

I didn’t cum but this was just a fast factor to see if we truly could have a threesome. I will confess it was a little uncomfortable strolling back out to greet my husband but the hurry it gave me was an ecstatic emotion, it was like owning your initial kiss or even your initially orgasm.

Soon after The 1st Time, I Was Hooked!

Just after that initial thrill, I received from currently being with our mutual good friend I quickly realised I cherished staying a hotwife and I turned hooked. I obtained off on it every time I came and I instructed my husband endless tales about how it felt and what it did to my body.

I understood you never have to be extremely-self-assured to be a hotwife, just keen and open to striving new things. I could not wait for the following experience soon after the 1st, we employed courting web pages after realizing friends weren’t the way to do it (much more on that down below).

My Partner Started Sharing Me With His Pals (Really do not Do This)

1576690842 25 What it’s like being a real hotwife - What it’s like being a real hotwife
I just want to be shared

Due to the fact I cherished fucking our mutual buddy so significantly we made the decision to commence sharing me with much more of our acquaintances. Of course, it was amazingly hot owning sex with folks we experienced acknowledged for several years but it was also a little little bit weird at the identical time.

The sex was amazing, viewing what they eventually looked like underneath their apparel was a real handle and acquiring them worship my physique and know what my partner has been taking pleasure in for yrs was also a enormous change on but then viewing them out and about in the actual globe later on was just bewildering.

I for a person would like we experienced in no way opened up our partnership up with men and women we knew as it has designed a ton of our friendships awkward afterwards, particularly as some of them are married and their companions have no plan what we received up much too.

I do not regret the sex, it was amazing, having a man I have known for 6 years go down on me in my bedroom and then cumming my mouth as my spouse waited downstairs was an remarkable experience for me. My other favored was joining my husband in 1 time, our dentist is a mutual friend of ours and he was keen to come to feel my pussy, he told me he had often admired my tits as he worked in my mouth. When he arrived round he fucked me challenging on our marital bed and my partner was authorized to fuck my mouth. The trouble is we have now had to find a new dentist as it’s just a little bit way too awkward for me.

As an alternative, We Now Use Dating Web sites

1576690842 718 What it’s like being a real hotwife - What it’s like being a real hotwife

I did not delight in remaining a hotwife with our close friends, it was just too much for me. My partner located us a area on the net named adult close friend finder, we use it to discover likeminded people who fully grasp our problem and know just what it takes to be in a hotwife connection.

We get to speak to the folks we are intrigued, simply call them if we like and never have to see them all over again if we actually never want also.

Applying web pages for us is so substantially much better, I can truly allow my hair down and just unwind being aware of I will not operate into them at the subsequent neighborhood social occasion. I definitely suggest it if you are into hotwifing or opening up your romantic relationship.

My Partner Typically Fucks Me Immediately after

What it’s like being a real hotwife - What it’s like being a real hotwife
1576690842 168 What it’s like being a real hotwife - What it’s like being a real hotwife

Following I have fucked my day my spouse loves to then fuck me, he receives off being aware of he is my sloppy seconds. He enjoys feeling how wet I am for them, being aware of they have stuffed me with their cock.

I often appear forward to my date leaving so that my partner can get pleasure from my system, from time to time he likes me to even depart their cum within of me so that he can feel it for himself.

I love telling my dates to do whatever they want to me, use my ass, my pussy and my mouth all up so that my husband can see just what a excellent position they did later on. He is a sucker for getting second greatest.

Getting A Hotwife is not constantly like Porn Can make Out

I imagine a great deal of folks have a misunderstanding about staying a hotwife, I certainly did. I assumed the girl experienced to be exceptionally self-assured and I assumed all of the males would have huge dicks, amazing bodies and stallion-like stamina, having said that it isn’t at all like that.

Of course, I have a style, I do like big dick but currently being a hotwife with different males has genuinely transformed the style of males I go for and I have found that all penises can be fun and pleasurable when made use of suitable.

Individuals come in all kinds of styles and sizes and becoming a hotwife has authorized me to see that it’s a fantastic time out there.

1576690842 576 What it’s like being a real hotwife - What it’s like being a real hotwife
From a new hotwife
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