Bisexual Hairdresser

I always bought my hair reduce at Schroeders. You know the
one particular, down on Harbor Blvd., in direction of the seaside. I went
there, not simply because they ended up the cheapest, or the ideal,
or even the fastest. I went there for the reason that they had the
finest wanting &#8216cutters&#8217 all-around. I came to phone it &#8220Rock
Slut Hair Cuts&#8221 due to the fact all the girls had been young, slim,
and appeared like they fell suitable out of a rock video.

It was extremely late Friday night time when I stopped by. There
have been two other individuals receiving trimmed forward of me so I
gave my title and sat down. I picked up a journal and
absentmindedly began paging by way of it. I was seriously
viewing the girls.

Julie was a brunette. She experienced thick, wavy hair the hung
down to her waist. Her body was organization and athletic. She
wore a denim skirt and white, sleeveless best the
accented her complete breasts. She casually tossed her
silky mane to the facet as she moved close to the

She was trimming the hair of an older female I&#8217m certain
hardly ever discovered the cleavage Julie experienced. Every single time she
leaned ahead the slightest quantity, her creamy white
breasts fell collectively in full perspective. I was watching them
by means of the mirror in entrance of her, so it was not

On the other facet of the area was Brittany. Now
Brittany was the kind of girl who stopped a place lifeless
in its tracks. She was the quintessential California
blonde. She had prolonged, straight blonde hair the came to
V in the center of her back again. She experienced deep blue-environmentally friendly
eyes, complete, crimson lips.

She also had an all above tan&#8230 at minimum it looked like
a person from right here. She had on cutoff jean shorts that
complimented her muscular legs and firm, spherical ass. She
truly belonged on the swimsuit address of some journal.
She also had quite complete breasts that pressed in opposition to the
material of her shirt. She moved with the grace of a
dancer and with the grind of a stripper.

I new I was having hard just observing them, but I
didn&#8217t care. Right after about 15 minutes, Julie finished and
took the cash from her buyer. She walked about to
the door and flipped the Open up signal to Closed. She
walked about the desk and then seemed at me.

&#8220All set?&#8221 she requested with a smile.

&#8220Y-Sure,&#8221 I stammered. I was still hard and now I had to
stand up. What would I do?

She walked more than to her chair and motioned for me to sit
down. I threw warning to the wind. I stood up and
walked in excess of to her. My cock pressed against my jeans
and I realized I experienced an monumental bulge. I viewed her eyes
as I walked about, she speedily peeked at my crotch and
then turned absent. I sat down, and she walked around to
Brit and whispered a little something to her.

Julie came again and took the scissors in her fingers. She
took just one hand and ran it while my hair.

&#8220What can I do for you these days? she requested.

I looked at her through the mirror and said, &#8220Just a

She smiled.

Brit had just completed with her customer and took the
funds. She walked over to the door and locked it then
came over to wherever I was sitting down and leaned her wonderful
ass against the table and viewed Julie slice my hair.

&#8220It&#8217s been a extended working day,&#8221 Brit reported. I could use a decide-
me-up. With that she turned and confronted the entrance
counter. She bent in excess of, full at the midsection, giving me
the most outstanding ass shot I experienced ever observed. She
reached into the cabinet and pulled out a beer. She
unscrewed the cap and took a long, slow swig. She moved
the bottle in and out of her mouth like she was offering
a blow career. I was fairly confident at this position that it was

Julie viewed her consider a consume and smiled. She leaned
forward and pressed her upper body against my back. Her
breasts felt hefty and organization, and pretty heat. She held
them there and continued operating.

&#8220So,&#8221 she commenced. &#8220We have some further time in this article
tonight. Would you be interested in our special trim?&#8221
She smiled at Brit when she requested me. I could hardly

&#8220Umm, confident, why not.&#8221

&#8220Brit, why don&#8217t you get commenced on the fluffing.&#8221

&#8220I&#8217d appreciate to.&#8221

Brit moved to me and leaned forward. I bought a entire
see of her tanned boobs. She reached for my trousers and
commenced undoing the buttons. I experienced on 501s, so she took
an exquisitely very long time eliminating them. She experienced undone
all the buttons and tugged at my open up pants. They started
to occur off my legs. She arrived at into the waistband of
my underwear and pulled them also. They handed by my
crotch and my totally erect cock bounced totally free to their
amusement. Julie leaned ahead to see my cock, and
pressed her tits versus my back again even tougher.

&#8220Appears to be like like he&#8217s by now fluffed, doesn&#8217t he?

&#8220I assume so,&#8221 explained Brit. &#8220Continue to, I assume he requires a
trim.&#8221 She turned and reached at the rear of her and I listened to
the acquainted audio of an electric razor. She turned
back to me and smiled, holding the razor up like a

She knelt down and unfold my legs apart. She leaned in
and her beautiful facial area was only foot or so absent from my
now throbbing cock. She took my erection in her remaining
hand. I shuddered at her contact.

She moved my cock absent to the left and moved the razor
to the prime edge of my pubic hair. She pressed the chilly
metal in opposition to my pores and skin and pulled down. The razor lower
nevertheless my pubic hair with relieve.

I appeared up and noticed Julie. She was watching the motion
and kneading her possess breasts. Her sensuous mouth was
parted a little open and her breathing was heavy. Brit
moved my cock about as she trimmed the darkish hair.

&#8220Wait,&#8221 claimed Julie. &#8220Permit&#8217s do this right.&#8221

She stepped about to the desk and took a can of shaving
cream from the shelf. She squirted a thick mound of
lather into her hand and stood in front of me. She
reached out and pushed the lather on to my cock and
balls. She rubbed it into me hair and stroked my cock
with the sticky white cream. Brit arrived at in a massaged
it into my balls. They the two ran their hands vigorously
about my dick and balls. Julie reached onto the table
and turned around. She opened up shiny steel straight
razor and smiled.

I was a little concerned at this stage Julie leaned in
close to my cock and employed the razor with the precision
of a surgeon. She lovingly held my cock in her arms
and shaved absent all the hair on my crotch. Someway she
even trimmed the hair on my balls. Brit viewed with a
sort of hungry appear in her eyes. She walked about to the
sink and stuffed a bowl with drinking water. She stepped back
more than to me and when Julie sat up, she poured the heat
water all more than my crotch. The sensation was incredible
as the h2o washed absent the cream and hair.

I looked at my dick. If it wasn&#8217t for the measurement, it
would&#8217ve appeared like the penis of a teenage boy. Julie
reached out and pulled on my cock. She held it pretty
tight and yanked the foreskin up and down. Brit grabbed
my balls and squeezed them.

Both girls leaned in. Julie delicately kissed the
swollen cock head. It was purplish and comprehensive. Their
hands experienced previously gotten me so aroused that a small
total of pre-cum leaked out of my dick.

&#8220Ohh&#8230 how sweet&#8230&#8221 she stated. She snaked her tongue
out and licked the cum from the suggestion of my cock. She enable
a slender, apparent string kind between her lips and my dick,
then she pulled back her head and permit it split.

&#8220Jules, don&#8217t squander any,&#8221 reported Brit. &#8220I want some of

Julie smiled and pointed my dick at Brit. Brit did not
be reluctant and she took the head of my cock in her mouth
and sucked challenging. I could come to feel her tooth press against
my pores and skin. She little by little moved her head down the length of
my dick and took my cock into her mouth, she moved
bit by bit up and down on me.

I could come to feel her tongue on the underside of my cock. It
moved and caressed my dick as her lips engulfed me. I
couldn&#8217t imagine my eyes. She ongoing to swallow my
cock without halting. Most girls cannot totally
just take my 8 inches, not since of the duration, but
mainly because of the thickness. This was extraordinary. He lips
have been practically touching the newly shaved pubic area. She
then quickly slid her mouth off my cock in one particular smooth
motion. She pulled off with a Pop!

Now it was Julie&#8217s transform. She knelt on the ground and
pulled my dick to her mouth. She engulfed me and sucked
up and down the length of my shaft. She manufactured the most
thrilling slurping and sucking seems I had at any time heard.
Brit was seeing her good friend&#8217s beautiful mouth suck a
dick and it was making her pretty wet. Her mouth was open
and she was respiration weighty as she stared at the blow

Julie stopped and Brit took me in her arms. Brit
didn&#8217t make the sounds Julie did, but was ready to deep
throat me at will on every single stroke. She went from the
idea of my dick to the foundation with just about every bob of her
gorgeous head. Her hair swung with her every movement.
I couldn&#8217t consider much additional of this.

My balls tightened up and my cock throbbed. They
identified this sign and Julie leaned in and took
equally my nuts in her warm mouth. She slurped on my balls
like a cock and designed individuals unbelievable noises. The two
girls have been doing the job my cock into a frenzy. I moaned and
groaned and stiffened my overall human body.

&#8220Oh, I&#8217m&#8230 going&#8230 to&#8230 cum!&#8221

Brit moaned as she felt my cum swell up in me. She
popped off my dick and stroked it furiously. Julie
introduced my balls and squeezed them as challenging as she
could. I grasped the chair and thrust my hips forward
as the to start with shot of thick white semen burst from my
cock. It hit Julie in the face and she moaned. I shot
another white load into the air and Brit gasped. She
stroked me more durable and appear was flying into girls from
each shot. Brit pulled my dick back and forth so every
girl got her good share of my juice.

I ought to&#8217ve shot at minimum eight or ten occasions judging from
the volume of come in the girls. They just about every ended up moaning
and licking the juice from their faces. I fell back again
into the chair in exhaustion. I looked at them and they
moved closer collectively. Brit was licking my come off of
Julie&#8217s confront. She moaned and swallowed every creamy
white morsel.

Julie paused for a moment, looked at me and reported, &#8220Quit
by tomorrow night and you can give us a trim.&#8221

I smiled and stood up, pulled on my trousers and walked
in the direction of the doorway. As I opened the door I turned and saw
Brit unbuttoning Julie&#8217s shirt. Julie just viewed me
go away. The door latched shut and I turned and walked to
my automobile. I sat in the automobile for a moment and then
curiosity acquired the most effective of me. I walked to the window
and peeked in.

Brit was sitting, completely nude on the entrance desk.
Her head was back, her eyes ended up closed and she was
heaving her upper body up and down with her labored
respiration. Her breasts were even larger and firmer than
I believed. Julie was bending ahead and was also nude.
I traced the lines of her legs, passed the curve of her
ass cheeks, and noticed her mane of extensive black hair draped
over Brit&#8217s legs. Julie&#8217s head was buried in involving
Brit&#8217s legs. She was supplying Brit the pussy licking of a
life time.

Julie ran her palms up and down Brit&#8217s legs although she
lapped at what need to absolutely be a outstanding feast. Brit
slowly but surely tilted her head my way and then opened her eyes.
She did not startle but simply continued breathing
significant. She arrived at up with her left hand an pinched a
nipple and squeezed her breasts. She produced sure I
watched for a moment or so.

Then she shifted her bodyweight and achieved across the desk
and threw the mild switch. The shop was stuffed with
darkness. I waited for a moment, hoping my eyes would
alter and I would get to see them all over again, but it didn&#8217t
take place. I bought into my motor vehicle and seemed at the store,
making an attempt to envision their finely tuned, sexually charged
bodies locked in an embrace of sex and lust. I stroked
my erection until eventually I came again. I would be back again

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