5 Erotic Lesbian Stories

Frolicme has a large library of erotic stories to enhance the movies that fulfill your visual hunger. Erotic lesbian stories can seduce you even even further, boosting your arousal, teasing and having you down into delectable all-encompassing sensual practical experience.

As Amy Norton explores in this write-up, Lesbian Porn is a vastly well known style for straight, bi, homosexual and simply curious gals alike. Sticking with this concept we thought we’d share some sexy lesbian tales of sapphic sensuality for you immerse you in.

… the 1st story is created by Pass up Frolic. One of our initial and greatest-beloved authors. She captures the joy and depth of two pals catching up more than some wine. When a single matter prospects to an additional, the lead character simply cannot bear the constructing electricity among the two and leans in for a kiss. The excitement carries on when her buddy accepts the progress and responds passionately. A mouth watering scene ensues with some very sensual first time lesbian motion. Accompanied by beautiful stills from the movie, it’s an erotic sexy address you don’t want to pass up!

“Kneeling right before her I traced my fingers into her panties even though pulling them to one aspect, presenting her moist pussy lips to my eye degree.

… by Nicci Haydon. This creator is a goddess of the sexy establish up – the opening scene we are introduced to 1 incredibly disappointed top woman, Em, putting up Christmas lights in November to get revenge on her festivity hating ex. Her pal Alex pops round with a present of lipstick and lingerie. In the mayhem of the Christmas gentle entanglement, Alex kisses Em.

“At 1st I barely even realised what was taking place. Her lips ended up pressed towards mine so gently it didn’t truly feel authentic, her understated fragrance drifting to my nose as I inhaled, closing my eyes at the heat and comfort she was supplying.”

But a minute of hesitation on Em’s section has Alex fleeing. The kiss woke up a enthusiasm in Em and she decides to adhere to her pal and pick up exactly where they remaining off…

This is one particular hot construct-up of a a little mistimed Christmas story!

… by another very talented writer, Posy Churchgate. Posy tells the tale of Mia and Angela, a pair owning a enjoyment weekend absent looking for sexy mischief to get into. All through an afternoon procuring, Mia exposes her dominant streak and makes Angela squirm by having her get a strap on dildo to be used on her later. This is a pretty raunchy story penned by the FrolicMe queen of femdom.

“We’re shopping for one particular of all those negative boys!” She leaned in close to whisper, “then I can fuck you silly.”

The gush of dampness to Angela’s pussy was instant, like Pavlov’s dog’s response, she positively drooled when Mia bought dominant with her.”

… is a luxurious tale of sensuality concerning two females who abandon a planned hike in favour of licking, teasing and pleasuring just about every other into superb abandon. Published by Sorcha Rowan, we are transported to a location the place enjoy and sexual relationship reigns involving these two gorgeous women.

“Emilya buried her nose in the wet, succulent flesh to fill her head with the musk. Each and every time they came alongside one another, she dedicated as a lot of the working experience as she could to memory so on lonely evenings she could touch herself and don’t forget.”

… a frantic seduction, heady and passionate exactly where the temptation is just way too much and our primary woman cannot keep her hands off her mate Jacinda. Created by Olivia Purley, you will be squirming in your seat reading through this!

“I held Jacinda’s experience and kissed her hard, grabbing at her breasts although I pinned her to the wall with my hips. Jacinda’s moans turned louder as she opened her mouth broader to take my probing tongue.”

This warmth builds rapidly and keeps us coming more than and above once more as we witness the beautiful fucking among these two females in pink.

Just some of our developing assortment of passionate lesbian tales.

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